The following is a mostly comprehensive list of every release that I have appeared on, along with links to listen to each one.

Atlantic2007 Demos2007X
BishopStrange Demise2017X*
Cage MatchDecapitated Hen2013X
Cage MatchDreamboat2013X
Cage MatchCave Math2010X*
Dead SunKept Close2022X
Dead SunA/B2020X*
Dead SunIrreparable Sin2019X
Dead Sunmatka // б​а​т​ь​к​о2017X
Dia RrhenaVolume V2015X
Dia RrhenaVolume III2015X
Dia Rrhena4 – 62014X
do dnt spkThese Chiefs are Cheese Thieves2009X
HARM LESSSafe’s Pace2019XXX
HARM LESSStanding, Still2015XXX
Jonathan FraserHeaven is at a Distance2020X
Jonathan FraserStendhal: Tragedy of the Journeyman2018X
Minus YearsMinus Years2007XX
NanosecondsThirty Years in Seven2017X
ResteReste / chivàla Split2020X
They Face ReactionWasted Era2014X
They Face ReactionWe Are Not From Here2012X
You FolkButterflies2023X
You FolkSomeday I Hope You Figure Out Your Mind2022X
You FolkWinnowing2021X
You FolkThe Foil2018X

* Denotes a partial credit / attribution.